Literacy Project to Start the Year?

Jennifer Wagner, from Technospud fame, has prepared one of her many online, international projects for the coming school year. Dr. Seuss is the theme of this one. This is what she has to say:

The one I am most excited about begins registration in just about 2 weeks. “SALUTE TO SEUSS“!! It will involve a WIKi and also several other Web 2.0 tools. Teachers will be encouraged to make a class project about the book they choose to showcase. It can be a blog, a wiki, a slideshare, a photoshare, or more!! We did the same with Charlotte’s Web in the Fall and it was great to see how creative classes can be.

Take this time to consider this unique project. It is very versatile and works for grades K-6. Visit her blog post about this and leave her questions. She is always more than happy to answer them. Good luck!

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