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“Sometimes I think my blogging is self-assigned professional development – forcing myself to take the time to think more deeply about certain ideas.”

The Fischbowl: Who’s the Audience?

Have you ever thought of blogging in this way? It is what drives me in this area of the new web. As an information junkie, I am always trying to figure out a more efficient way of learning more in less time. Blogs eliminate a lot of the searching I had to do before because there are so many people doing the work for you now. I challenge you to blog for this reason if no other. While the state might say you have to get PD hours, make them useful. Remember, you can count the time you spend blogging and reading for a portion of the time. This is what Texas law reads:

Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Part 7, Chapter 232, Subchapter B
(c) Participation in interactive distance learning, video conferencing, or on-line activities or conferences.
(d)Independent study, not to exceed 20% of the required clock hours, whichmay include self-study of relevant professional materials (books,journals, periodicals, video and audio tapes, computer software, andon-line information) or authoring a published work.

Take advantage of it and gain ownership of your own learning today.

One thought on “Blog for PD Credit

  1. Absolutely! I just posted my reflections on my recent visit to Ground Zero and its implications to my students. Just creating this digital text with images and hyper links allowed me to consider more of what this experience really means to me. I am pushed to reflect more, try to communicate these thoughts, and even discover additional resources of what I am discussing.

    I do agree that blogging can be auto-PD, but I’m wondering how we count this. Any ideas?

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