Arthus seems to have joined with a group of other techie teens and decided to step up and step out. Way to go! This group of intrinsically motivated teenage learners from around the globe are set to rock the Edublogosphere. I say, more power to them. I always love to get different perspectives, especially from individuals who are passionate about their learning. And, boy is this group just that. Check out the promo video here. Chek out their new site here.

Folks, if you are not listening to this group now, wait until they are running for office to control your future. You will surely be surprised then. You’re gonna wonder where they came from, but you’re going to be proud they took initiatives like the one they are undertaking now. I know I am.

Rock on guys and gals. I look forward to great things from the “silent majority.”

Thanks to nearly everyone in my feed reader for the links including: Karl, Brian, John, Jen, Darren, and more….. Man, it’s nice to be connected like this.

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