Just a Little Glitchy

WO_podcasting_iconI am not sure how many others use Google Apps for Your Domain, but our school district implemented the suite about four months ago. We love it. I only hear good things about the tools they can use and the power of the email engine. So we finally find a software package everyone can agree on! Yeah for us.

Well, we started noticing a few little tinks in the armor after the Christmas break. Just a few teachers a day have called to say when they access the start page it freezes up on them. Now, all of our staff have full control over their start pages as far as what widgets they add to it, so that leaves a lot of room for different scripts being run (as best I can tell from my little programming mind). After a few hours of playing with it, we found the solution that has taken care of every teacher so far.

Pretty simple, actually. Upgrade to IE7 or move to Firefox. Something in IE6 and older (yes there was one or two 5’s out there) did not play well with Google Apps for Your Domain (or some widget on it). Now we just have to get to every teacher machine, turn off deep freeze, update to IE7/Firefox, restart, test, refreeze, test again, and then move to the next one. Oh what a life!

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One thought on “Just a Little Glitchy

  1. Hey Scott,

    nice tip on IE7 and Firefox. We have a GAFYD for our school but we haven’t fully implemented it past some of the calendar stuff. With all the SPAM we’re getting with our current POP3 mail (third party), I’m considering whipping up a big ‘ole jug of Google Kool-Aid and passing it out. I got two of our principals loving their personal Gmail/Docs/Calendar applications so I think we might be ripe for making a switch.

    OK, you’ve inspired a rare blog entry by me. I’ll twitter it when it’s done. See ya!

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