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While I cannot take notes for sessions as well as Wes, I will still try my best. Ironic his note taking skills are a benchmark and here I am trying to notate his session. This was Wes’s keynote address titled “So the World is Flat. Now What?” Again, all notes/interpretations/reflections/etc are mine:

Wes Fryer Keynote – So the world is flat? Now what?

showed “vision of students” by Wesch @ KSU – audience laughed at 26.5 hours per day of activity (multi-tasking)

played Allentown – No they never taught us what was real (from song): whose responsibility is it to teach them what is real?
Wes is a witness, partial view of incident,
China puts up a new building of 30 or more stories every 6 days.
80% of cranes are in China
(personal note: I am chatting in UStream, Tweeting, and focusing on Wes all at the same time here; gotta love it; I can relate to the 26.5 hour day deal now)
20% of population is from China
Southwest Christian school in Texas is offering Mandarin for a language
Showed Skype pic of conversation with kids from last night
Called out Jakes for Tweeting during presentation, example of multi-tasking
“For those with access, the world is flat” – digital divide is real, and many do not have access
World is Flat book – show of hands
Dan Pink book – show of hands, causes fight or flight amongst people
Read Richard Florida – Creative Class Group
Shared Shanghai trip – K12 Online Conference – 2nd year offered 82 free PD sessions based on tech integration
divers group where common interest is students
superintendents listen to supers, teachers listen to teachers,
showed ClustrMap of K12, cannot see US for all of the red dots; 88,802 visits since 9/16/07
Anyone scared? – wife heard FBI talk to girl scouts about Internet predators – scared, keep eyes open to realities,
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay
“Most people try to predict the future by preventing it.” Alan Kay
focus on creativity – listen to Sir Ken on TEDTalks
my neighbor in session shows concern about assessment of creativity
DaVinci Institute –
Wes is worried about creativity in kids, not academics of his kids
AT&T is going through the change – 2 weeks ago AT&T 2.0 – “Connect people with their world everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else” – phone, data services, entertainment,
Miguel & Wes are demoing the unconference – offered to help TCEA start one
30,000 level prescriptions:
time – change the bell schedule – (Note: MS has 80 minute blocks with us)
money – stop paying for seat time
standards – cut back, Robert Garzano “If you take every national standard in Nat. content area and talk them all in the time required, K12 turns into K22.”
recess – do not give it up
assessments – authentic, differentiated, messy (focussed on relationships)
metrics – perfection is not the minimum standard, students are not specifics, wealthy students score well on tests
PD – need more and in whole group settings less, differentiated
leadership – inspired, visionary, change agents, transformational leaders
creativity – 21st century show and tell
open content – open web publishing

differentiated content filtering – shows more trust to teachers than students
learn personal digital tool use: Flickr, Wikipedia, etc.
educators must experience the tool and think about it in their own contexts
NASB – Creating and Connecting Report – we have an opportunity in school to leverage social networking tools in school for learning (Google API recently released) – Look at stats for student usage of Internet tools
Great Book Stories – add to it
Ken Burns’s War – Wes is going to VC live from Pearl Harbor to OK schools to help teach students and document war and interview veterans
Use visual media – mind processes it over 60,000 times faster than text
peer work – easier for students to get involved
minimum expectations for collaboration – one internet based collab project per term per teacher

(Note to self: I did not do this justice since I do not do the Wes Fryer style of notes)

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy and the expression of knowledge – al einstein

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