TechForum Southwest Notes – Roundtable with Anita Givens

The following are my few notes from my short meeting with Anita Givens and three other school districts held 11/2007. They are strictly my thoughts/perceptions/views/etc.

tech funding to support LRPT – will be asking for new money every session headed toward 75 to 100 per student

hb 2864 (point person – Richard Lagow) –

  • renewal for second year will place priority on first year districts looking at number of students served;
  • in other words, if we do 200 this year, we will get first consideration for 200 next year then second consideration with the additional students;
  • Anita suggests get in this year, or be prepared to miss out on the money next year due to limitations of renewal money amounts (My note as of 1/10/08 – This grant processing is not going well at TEA due to limited funds and more interest than expected; legislators should fund higher next year)

K12 databases being worked on

sb1788 (point person – Anita Givens) –

  • not funded, but what can we do until it is funded;
  • creating criteria for dl classes;
  • criteria for educators PD and certification;
  • look at web-based learning site for progress of this process;
  • if student is getting full day’s worth of ADA on a campus, they are going to be eligible to take up to two online course for additional ADA;
  • requires teacher to have PD about teaching online before they qualify to teach DL course; taking NCOL to help with standards/criteria for each area (student and faculty);
  • these standards must be in place 6 months prior to implementation;
  • bill says open program by 08-09, but no funding or time right now to get it all done in time, maybe by mid-year;
  • will not lose ADA based on taking online coursework, funding is lost via the network providing the courses;
  • districts will have autonomy to create their own VHS networks, rules are permissive to allowing students to take courses from other networks;
  • build ADA off kids in private schools and homeschooled;
  • “we do not get docked for having a kid fail and repeating a year so why would we get extra money for a kid that succeeded a year early?” (My response was that the doctor does not give me my money back for the visit and/or prescriptions when he does not heal me either.);

Tech Assessment Pilot –

  • going out for RFP to figure out costs;
  • waiting for this process to take place before proposal hits ISD’s;
  • vendor side takin gplace this month, maybe March-May to get it in place;

Notes for after event:

email Richard Lagow about our elementary online coursework

ask about textbook updates for software between adoptions, etc

I would like to thank Mrs. Givens for taking the time our of her schedule to meet with us at that event. It is refreshing to be able to talk to a face instead of a voice mail these days. Her candid answers are exactly what we need to be able to guide us in our planning. Sometimes what is not said is almost as powerful as what is said. Thanks again!

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