Here’s one for the math teachers!

Need some online quizzes to help your kids (K-12) get more practice with math concepts? Then ThatQuiz has the answer for you.

Go to the site, choose a math category to fit your needs, and practice away. Students do not have to register. If you just want their final scores, they can always print out the screen when they finish the quiz. Free is always a great price, especially when the product has as much value as this one.

Students will find practice in these categories with MANY subcategories:

  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Concepts
  • Geometry

I know my 7 year old will be trying out the concepts portion this summer to stay in mental math shape.

One thought on “Here’s one for the math teachers!

  1. Woscholar,
    Very interesting, I had never heard of this site. I will have to remember that when I see work with math teachers (I was one before this job) and technology.

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