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Generally, I don’t jump on the bandwagon and re-post what I find sweeping through the many education related blogs out there, but I am making an exception in this case because it follows on the theme of what we are trying to do in White Oak Independent School District. I want you to meet someone.

Dalton Sherman. 5th Grade. Dallas ISD.

When school districts prepare for teacher orientations at the beginning of the year, I am sure having a ten or eleven year old student be the primary speaker at the event never hits the radar. But in Dallas ISD this year, it did. And Dalton accepted the challenge put before him.

Dalton has guts to just be able to speak in front of nearly 20,000 educators. On a stage. By himself. That in itself truly is a gift. How many adults relish the idea of speaking in front of a small group, much less one the size of a professional sporting event audience?

So, to keep this post short and sweet where you can jump right into Dalton’s challenge for you this year, consider the fact that someone nurtured this gift of his. Someone paid attention to him and realized this potential amongst all of the other schooliness going on in the classroom.  Someone found an outlet in the classroom and set out to let him live up to his potential. Someone took a special interest in him, created a relationship, and helped foster this gift. He will tell you who that someone is. Is it you?

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