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What does it take to be on the Texas SBOE? I’ll let you decide.

September 20, 2008 by woscholar · 8 Comments · Politics, Random Thoughts

So you think you know who is running Texas education, huh? Well, take this little quiz provided by Texas Monthly to see just how knowledgeable you are about the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE). When you are finished, do me a favor. Come back here and leave me a comment and let me know which thing(s) surprised you the most.  Then register to vote in the upcoming SBOE elections after you find the right person to represent you/us.  Then consider visiting this place:

UPDATE 9/23/08: In the comments below, Scott Laleman asked about who made up the candidates in the races. I am listing them here with the incumbent named first:

District 2 – Mary Helen Berlanga (D) vs. Peter H. Johnston (R)
District 7 – David Bradley (R) vs. Laura Ewing (D)
District 13 – Mavis B. Knight (D) vs. Cindy Werner (R)
District 14 – Gail Lowe (R) vs. Edra Bogle (D)


District 6 – Terri Leo (R)
District 8 – Barbara Cargill (R)
District 11 – Pat Hardy (R)

Find information on registering to vote, click HERE.

My good friend and fellow education advocate, Brock Gregg, has written an article each of the last two months about just this situation. Take a look at them:

Never Make an English Teacher Mad

The Seven Dirtiest Words: Educators who show up at the polls

This is good stuff from a man is who well respected around the Capitol by all participants in the process.

UPDATE 12/04/08 – Yep. She’s on the state board. Who elects these people?

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  • Kelly

    I was most surprised by how radical the chairman, Don McLeroy, is. He’s not alone, unfortunately, on the SBOE. What is going on?

    It’s clear to me that regular ol’ teachers have to get involved politically. We have tried to be “above the fray” and not get involved. Clearly, if we continue that path we will all be in deep trouble. We need to learn from history!

  • woscholar

    I agree, Kelly. If teachers do not step up and get involved (even if it is just to vote), then we can expect NO changes that help the kids and teachers in Texas. The radical ideas and the belief that we SHOULD politicize public education goes against everything we do in the classroom. Funny that a board member says we should politicize public ed while it is illegal for public school employees to politic at school.

    Please get the word out. Even if you just share this quiz with other teachers (it is not considered electioneering unless you tell folks how to vote) then we might just get enough folks to ban together to improve public ed collaboratively instead of being controlled by a radical off-shoot.

  • Scott Laleman

    Wow…I guess I wasn’t really that surprised by anything, considering how conservative of a state Texas is, but I’m definitely going to pay attention this election cycle. Are any of those folks up for re-election?

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  • woscholar

    Great question, Scott. Here are the races as they stand now with the incumbents listed first:

    District 2 – Mary Helen Berlanga (D) vs. Peter H. Johnston (R)
    District 7 – David Bradley (R) vs. Laura Ewing (D)
    District 13 – Mavis B. Knight (D) vs. Cindy Werner (R)
    District 14 – Gail Lowe (R) vs. Edra Bogle (D)


    District 6 – Terri Leo (R)
    District 8 – Barbara Cargill (R)
    District 11 – Pat Hardy (R)

    Mind you, incumbent does not automatically mean bad. Listen to some of the ELA standards debate on the TEA/SBOE site and you will figure out quickly who has no respect for public education but continues to haunt the halls in Austin.

  • Scott Merrick (Scottmerrick Oh)

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  • woscholar


    That is awesome! Thanks so much. I really appreciate being in the same company as these other folks. Even if Jakes is a Bears fan. ;)

    I will put together a short post to let folks know about it. Thanks again!

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