Podcasting in Moodle

Most of the school districts in our SUPERNet Consortium use Moodle in-house in addition to the virtual high school Moodle. I try to dabble in Moodle regularly just to keep up with it and see what I can learn as I go along to share with others. As part of this self-directed learning, I follow a blog called The Moodleman Blog. Moodleman, Julian Ridden, does a fine job of sharing his experiences with Moodle and the boys school in Sydney where he works.

Recently, Moodleman shared a post about how he integrates podcasts into the Moodle-based curriculum. Have a go at it (in honor of my UK buds) and just maybe your students will love the newfound media options a tad more engaging.

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Check out the rest of Julian’s great Moodle videos on Edublogs.tv.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting in Moodle

  1. Thanks for surfing over here, Julian. You do some great things that need to be shared. Moodle is new for a lot of folks, so every tutorial you post will help many folks. I listed the Edublogs link because YouTube is blocked in nearly all American schools. It gives them an alternative place to move video for easy access at school. Thanks for letting me know about the YouTube list, though. I will check them out now.

    Thanks again for sharing with all of us.

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