I would like to thank the Academy……

Just warming up my speech.

I got a really nice Comment Approval Email in the Inbox the other day. Scott Merrick of real life Nashville, TN, fame and Second Life blogging aficionado left a comment on my Texas SBOE post to inform me that I was one of four educational bloggers nominated for “Blog-o-the-month” in Second Life on ISTE Island.  So, big deal, you’re thinking. Well, when you consider the other three bloggers in the running, it is an honor to me. They are:

“Dr. Z Reflects”–Leigh Zeitz

“Moving at the Speed of Creativity”–Wesley Fryer

“The Strength of Weak Ties”–David Jakes

Those guys turn out some great stuff. So, I will stick with the back-up speech: “It is just an honor to be nominated with such an esteemed group of dedicated educators.” How’s that?

Here is how to vote:

If you would like to vote click on the Slurl.The Slurl is a URL for a location in Second Life:

  • You will see a Second Life webpage that is Google Map-ish
  • Click on the “teleport now” button
  • This will launch Second Life and then you log in
  • You will appear in SL at the Blogger’s Hut. Give it a few seconds to show all of the extras, including the bars you click on to vote. Spin your avatar around if you need to figure out where you are at.
  • There are four bars. Click on the one you want to vote for. Good luck to all.
  • Here is a video Scott Merrick made in case you want to “see” how to vote.

Now, read what Scott Merrick had to say and get over there and vote for your favorite (yes, even if it isn’t me). Is it possible I might achieve Miguel Guhlin greatness with this? One can only hope. 😉

Hey Scott. This is to let you know that this blog is one of the four
in the running for “Blog-o-the-month” at the Blogger’s Hut on ISTE
Island in Second Life. This is a good-natured poll whose winners have
been featured in the Hut’s RSS feed for inworld visitors to enjoy every
month for a year now. Past winners are:

Phasing Grace–Grace McDunnough

From Mr. A to Mr. Z–Jeff Agamenoni

Around the Corner–McGuhlin.net

Fleep’s Deep Thoughts–Fleep Tuque/Chris Colling

NMC Campus–New Media Consortium

PHSPrincipal Blog–Dave Meister

Teaching Math Technology Blog–Maria Anderson

2CentsWorth–David Warlick

The Story of My Second Life–Kevin Jarrett

Oh! Second Life (now Oh! Virtual Learning–Scott Merrick )

Spread the word and encourage Second Life Educators to visit and to
vote for your wonderful work for the month of November. The options
this month are:

“Dr. Z Reflects”–Leigh Zeitz

“Moving at the Speed of Creativity”–Wesley Fryer

“The Strength of Weak Ties”–David Jakes

and yours, of course,

“A Piece of My Mind”–Scott S. Floyd

I’ll have a celebration post at my own blog “Oh! Virtual Learning” up in a bit. Congrats!

Me Judge and Me Jury

Photo Credit: Lee Bennett

I received a jury summons in the mail yesterday. The US District Court about 40 miles away has some type of patent case coming up. I’m not a specialist in patent law, not by any stretch. Yet, they are going to pay me about $40 a day plus mileage to sit on a jury to act like a judge for who knows how many days. It kind of makes you appreciate the vast skills and knowledge a judge has to have to cover many types of cases, not to mention the prosecutors and defendants. You know, the people who come through the court room. But if I don’t show up, I will get arrested and fined. I get out of my regular work because the law says jury duty is important, so I will be in attendance on October 17th at 8:30 AM in a coat and tie.

That got me to thinking. What if we did the same to get substitutes in the classrooms? What if there was a random draw to decide who would be available for a certain week?  The local governing body (school board) would send out notices and everyone shows up.  Then the principal and other teachers would chose who gets the $40 for the day acting like a teacher for who knows how many days.

Better yet, what if it applied to parent conferences (minus the randomness and $40 a day plus mileage)? What if all of a sudden the government decided it was important for parents to attend these meetings and told the companies that they could not dock the employees for attending them during work hours? And if the parent did not show up for the conference …..

Just thinking out loud here. You can move along now.