I’m Proud of Our Country

Photo Credit: coolgates

Partisanship aside, I’m proud of our country. We have arrived at a point many people thought we would never reach. Forget my generation. Generations before me fought for this moment and did not live to see it. Yet, their hard work has finally paid off.

My son is living in a time where barriers to leadership positions are falling to the side. Regardless of the election turnout, he is going to enjoy history firsthand. He sees and hears people who inspire him, and they come in the shape of many voices without color or gender.

While some sulk today by the loss of their candidate, I prefer to look ahead, excited at what the future holds. Working so hard to win an election, one has to wonder if the victor can embrace this moment, seize this opportunity, and lead our nation like no other has. We move into a time where evolution of ideas creates revolution of technologies.  May our country be prepared.

When we gather once again four years from now to elect a leader of our great country, one can only hope that citizen participation is anywhere near what it was on this day. If one can inspire the people to move away from apathy and nearer involvement, more power to him/her. Let this become a trend of tremendous involvement in our political system by passionate people and it spread among our youth as a lifetime habit instead of a fascination that passes.

Partisanship aside, I’m proud of our country. We have arrived. Mr. President, take the lead. Where shall you have us go?

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