One goal down.

For the last few years, one of the items I had on my list of things to do was to get published in a national publication. While it was on the list, I had not spent a lot of time focusing on achieving it. Besides, I was too busy blogging.

Well, it seems as though blogging was what I should have been doing. Back in May I got an email from one of the editors at ISTE‘s publication Learning & Leading with Technology. She had read some of my blog posts and was interested in publishing one of my posts in the magazine. Needless to say, I agreed. Woot! Above is a photo of the page in all of its half-page glory. Feel free to read the original post HERE.

Since Learning & Leading is an international magazine and not just a national one, I guess I get bonus points for that goal. Sweet.  Another goal accomplished. What’s next on the list? (No sarcastic comments on that rhetorical question Tim Holt, Miguel Guhlin, Paul R. Wood, Brian Grenier, Kyle Stevens, Dean Shareski, Mike Gras, ……..)

Note to my teachers: See. Blogging has added benefits. Imagine what your kiddos would do with a little notice of their writing outside your classroom. Just imagine.

6 thoughts on “One goal down.

  1. Dean, you’re hilarious! Even your comments are under 140 characters (129 to be exact). You are addicted, my friend. Okay. Twitter is calling me back. I’ve just been reading instead of Tweeting lately. Go figure. Me with nothing to say. 🙂

  2. Way to go Scott! Congrats. I’m getting all my “news” from my reader these days. I’ve been on an unintended hiatus from Twitter. I’ve been lost (happily) with work and the external conversations have been few and far between. Hopefully I’ll get back in the swing of things. Looking forward to seeing you in Austin in Feb.

  3. Hey John! Been missing you. I was going to add your name to the list of possible sarcastic offenders, but I thought you had dropped off the planet. Look forward to seeing you again at TCEA.

    Ribfest will probably be on Monday night headed to Lockhart if you want in. Jakes will be in town by then as well since he is speaking at a Tuesday event. I’ll keep you in the loop as we get closer. Good to hear from you.

  4. Congrats! That’s awesome! What a fantastic real-world result of GOOD blogging (please note the emphasis on GOOD)…to show my teachers and their students! Woot! Great job!

  5. Thanks, Kim. It’s a neat thing for my son to see. It shows him the power of literacy in general. Now, if we could only get more folks in education blogging.

    Hope all is well with you. We are using the heck out of our WPMU server. All administrators own blogs (note own is different from regularly blogging) and we have found a great use for them with our multiple projects. All of the local media are subscribed to them so they can get our news releases. It is a powerful tool, and we thank you for helping get us there.

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