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I am really trying to understand this. Truly.

Congress promises $1 billion in new funding for ALL public schools to share for technology infrastructure. You know, the same infrastructure that hiccuped during the inauguration due to overload.

Now, the United States Post Office is saying it might need a $6 billion boost just to stay even for this year.

So….. new technologies gets 1/6th the stimulus money of snail mail? New technologies are available 24/7 while snail mail may go down to 5 days of delivery and WILL cost more to use? And have you even tried to get to the post office before they close these days?

Can someone say Sacred Cow?

4 thoughts on “What?

  1. Yesterday, we met with our External Funding guy…
    So, he says. you are getting XXXX amount of funding from the stimulus

    Really? I say…thats nice.

    Arent you excited?

    No, that was our spending level in 2003.

    Change we can believe in.

  2. So I take it he did not mean an additional $$$$$$. That would be like the legislature. They see it as a replacement for regular funds instead of an increase or stimulus. Our boss says if we get it, we get it. No replacement.

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