ATPE Session – Social Networking: not just for kids anymore

Below you will find the presentation I gave at the ATPE conference in Austin titled Social Networking: not just for kids anymore. The focus of the session was how educators can use the power of social networks to create their own personal learning networks (PLNs). We discussed Facebook and MySpace, but we did not cover them in any depth since a lot of people are already using them personally.

While most of the slides are just visual representations of what I was talking about, it might help a few in attendance to remember some of that conversation we had. I am going to add a few more items here that we did not have time for in the sessions, though. As I said in the session, feel free to call, email, or comment below. I will get back with you ASAP (and generally it is pretty quick).

Find the links below for the sites we previewed. One thing to remember: A network is only as strong as each link in it. Jump in and enjoy the ride. You will learn so much from so many that you probably will never meet, yet, it will be some of the closest bonds you could ever create professionally. Consider it your education accountability group.

I want to thank Paul R. Wood for Skyping in to share with us how PLNs have changed the way he learns and does his job. He and his posse at Bishop Dunne are absolutely top notch educators in every facet. If I could just get them to move east just a little bit…..

When Paul and I had the connection issue during the second session, one of my other buddies from Texas just happened to shoot me a Skype chat at the exact instant I needed him (that seems to be how these PLNs work for us). John Maklary accepted an invitation to have a Skype conversation. He failed to ask if it was in the middle of one of the sessions. Which it was. Which worked beautifully. Thanks, John. I owe you some Q, buddy.

Then, one of the attendees made a valid point: those guys are not in the classroom everyday, so how would it work if they were and using Skype. So, I did what every person in my PLN would do; rely on the classroom teachers in my PLN to share. Pam Cranford, the 2009 TCEA Educator of the Year and fellow classroom blogger, answered the Skype call into her classroom. She grabbed her MacBook up and walked around her room and into the hall unknowingly demonstrating the power of a laptop, wireless, and a free program like Skype. Thanks, Pam!

I thoroughly enjoyed the two 1 hour sessions I was able to present. I look forward to future ones, and maybe even a longer session where everyone can get hands-on into building their own PLNs.

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2 thoughts on “ATPE Session – Social Networking: not just for kids anymore

  1. Hey Scott,

    It was my pleasure and honor to be part of your presentation. It is amazing when you see your network reach a critical mass where you CAN rely on folks to help you out. That’s one thing I stress to folks who start up networks like Twitter… that you have to reach some sort of magic number of people in your network for it to create a synergy of results. That takes time and patience and honing of your network. See you soon!

  2. Great point, John, on the number of folks in your network. That makes a huge difference. I continually add and delete from my PLN to make it what I need it to be. That does not mean I ignore everyone else, but I do pay closer attention to certain ones.

    Thanks again for the input. It is most welcome any time. I enjoyed hijacking your day to join us.

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