Want a blogging system for your class/campus/district? On the cheap?

photo credit: INCSUB

I have to say, James Farmer has done everyone in education an outstanding service by offering this new program of his. For just $195, he and his crew will have you set-up with your own personal WordPress MU site (you provide the URL) without all of the frustrations of doing it yourself (or trying, anyway). Then, for $25 a month, pSek will provide the hosting. That’s a steal for WPMU hosting.

Now, if you are serious about growing a much larger WPMU system, maybe this is a great start with a move to more bandwidth in the future. I kept looking for pSek’s plan for that type of growth. I do have to say, though, that with our bloggers using embed codes instead of storing media on our server, it has helped in many areas, not to mention embeding is a good skill for them to learn anyway. Maybe James will leave a comment below or blog a little of his own about how many blogs he thinks this platform will handle at pSek before you need to look for some increased power on the server and bandwidth. This might actually be all anyone needs.

What I do know for sure is that James can and will provide top notch support. There is no doubt about that.

If I were a classroom teacher just now looking to start blogging with my kids in a serious fashion and lots of control, this would be money well spent.

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