TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference

As the director for Area 7, please accept my invitation to the following:

Area 7 TCEA is accepting proposals for presenting at our annual TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference to be held June 12, 2009, in White Oak ISD at White Oak Middle School (outside of Longview, TX).

Scheduled to be featured presenters are Dean Shareski, Alec Couros, and Jennifer Wagner along with great Texas talents Maria Henderson, Stephanie Sandifer, Randy Rogers, the GIS team from Bishop Dunne High School (Christine Voigt, Kyle Stevens, and Paul R. Wood), Diana Benner, 2009 TCEA Educator of the Year Pam Cranford, Janet Corder, and Joan Gore

One of the highlights of the day will be the closing session where some of the featured presenters will face off in a “Cool Tools Duel” sharing what they feel are the best online Web 2.0 tools available for educators in a rapid-fire style event (60-120 seconds per tool). This will allow all attendees to leave with a list of new things to try over the summer in preparation for the new school year.

Our local staff who were 2009 TCEA attendees are being asked to present at least one session at our conference sharing what they learned and implemented. Maybe you are asking your teachers to do the same in your district, and this is their chance to present to others. We already have sessions lined up for wikis, paperless classrooms, tools for the primary teachers, and Nings. But we need more!

The session might be a round table discussion about how to use different technologies in the classroom now and in the future, or it can demonstrate how you have used technology with your students, campus, or district this year. We would love more sessions on opensource software use, electronic portfolios, technology assessment (both educator and student), core area technology integration, elementary technology sessions, remote hosting/cloud computing, classes that have switched to electronic textbooks, and more.

Since we have all levels of educators that attend (admin, network directors, multiple grade levels, multiple levels of experience, etc), you can present on pretty much any tech topic at any level of expertise. If you presented at TCEA in Austin this year, submitted a proposal to submit (that did not get accepted), or are working on one to present at 2010 TCEA, feel free to use that same session in Area 7 for our conference. We anticipate having 50 minute sessions with 250 attendees.

We have a web form created for you to submit your session proposal online. This helps us organize the conference much easier than paper. We need to have your submission within the next three weeks in order for us to get our programs created and printed. We ask that you have everything submitted no later than the end of the school day on May 22, 2009. You will find the form here:

If you are interested in just attending the event, that is okay, too.  Registration is $25 for both members and non-members (free for presenters), and it includes the conference, Bodacious BBQ luncheon, a vendor area, and plenty of door prizes. Watch the Area 7 page on the TCEA site for registration information.  I also have updated information in the Area 7 Tech Conference Moodle located at  There you will find an agenda, session listings (as they come in), vendor information, registration information, directions, and any updates to the conference including presenter handouts.  We will have on-site registration at the same $25 rate as well, but we prefer at least a heads-up on your anticipated attendance so that we can have plenty of promo bags and lunch for everyone.

We look forward to a great conference on June 12th and hope to have your participation. Email me for more information –

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