Apple & Snow Leopard – Podcast Nirvana

I know some people do not care about podcasting or Apple as much as others, but after sitting through over three hours of TCEA’s UStreaming of Apple Snow Leopard Update, I am now a very happy guy (as opposed to previously only being happy).

The first half of the video below will give you an update on Snow Leopard itself, but the second half gave me exactly what I needed for our Apple server. After seeing how much easier the Podcast Producer process has been made, I jumped right in and got it set up. While I am still playing with the set-up to make it custom to White Oak ISD, I have rejoiced in having created a dual source podcast (my video side by side with my desktop video) with intro video, title sequence, the content, and a closing video/title clip. Sounds really hard, but man was it so easy. Give me a week or so, and I will have all kinds of easiness to share with my staff.

You can see the VERY short video only clip I created on my podcast blog here. I purposely did a very short video due to the rendering time involved with video production. In other words, I was impatient and wanted to see the results quickly. 🙂

Thank you TCEA for making the video available for free online and thanks to Apple for providing the update.

Watch the video below and learn, my friends.

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