Embedding a Google Calendar in our WordPress Blogs

I got an email during the day asking about how to embed a Google Calendar (from our Google Apps system) as a sticky post in his WordPress blog. Unfortunately, I was not near my laptop (oh the horror). Fortunately, the staff member CC’d another of our top notch staff member and TCEA‘s Educator of the Year, Pam Cranford. The following is her reply. Yeah. It’s good to have awesome faculty.

You can also find MANY other great presentations she made here.

2 thoughts on “Embedding a Google Calendar in our WordPress Blogs

  1. You might check on the version of WordPress you have. Some play with embed codes easier than others. If you are using Edublogs, shoot them and email. They are quick about checking into those things. If you are on Twitter (and an Edublogs user), send a message to @suewaters about it.

    We have used this same method on multiple blogs successfully, but we keep our WordPress updated to the latest version. Hope that helps.

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