The Queen?

Photo Credit: me

Photo Credit: me

You’ve all heard of Dairy Queen, right? You know, nearly 6,000 stores in more than a dozen countries and most of them in Texas (Yes, I put TX after “countries” on purpose. You know how us Texans are.). $2.5 billion dollars in revenue each year. Quite a successful chain that you can buy franchises to be a part of. Or, not.

Have you heard about Daisy Queen? Or what about Dairy DeQueen? Didn’t think so. These DQ wannabes are just that: wannabes. While they might be good in their own right, they prefer to attempt to confuse customers enough to bring them in the door based on the reputation of others who have worked very hard to be a success. Taking shortcuts.

So my questions to you are these: Are you straight up about your offerings in your classroom when you are sharing it with others? Or, do you instead ride on the backs of others to get credibility? In other words, do you practice what you preach?

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