Tech for the heck of it?

We all know technology use engages kids. We also know that technology use can enhance learning in many instances. We can even argue that technology use is a necessity for our students of today to learn to be comfortable in the world facing them outside of the school building.

This little beauty is from the mountains in Oklahoma. It causes me to chuckle every time I pass it on my way to fly fish in Beavers Bend State Park. I keep thinking, “Who cares and what’s the strategy here?” Basically, it is a small storage place in the middle of nowhere trying to find friends on Facebook. I guess they have to find them somewhere.

Photo Credit: me

Photo Credit: me

So, my question for today is this: Can anyone really argue that we HAVE to integrate technology into everything just to say we integrate technology at the expense of good teaching/learning? Use technology. Just use it when it is appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Tech for the heck of it?

  1. Thanks, Nina. Somehow, things like these just bring out the sarcastic side of me. 😉 I just decided to try to put a nicer spin on what I was really thinking.

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