There are times when you have to be dead straight honest about who you are and what you do. Right? But, there are always ways to word things to be more inviting. Consider this lesson in advertising:

Photo Credit: Me - sorry for the fuzziness

Photo Credit: Me - sorry for the fuzziness

In northern Arkansas, I passed this little gem of a business. They provide elderly boarding. Seriously. I’ve heard of dog boarding, and I’ve heard of retirement homes. Instead, these folks decide to just put their cards out there on the table. A-1 Boarding for the Elderly. Yep, you too can drop grandma off on your way out of town for vacation. She will find her own clean kennel replete with fresh water, three meals a day, and maybe even some play time in the fenced in area out back with the other elderly. Sweet.

So, my question for you today is this: In your work to help educators grow through better instructional methods, can you use language and a demeanor that is more inviting and less scary?

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