The DNA of 21st Century Students

From the story telling brilliance that is Marco Antonio Torres and Greg Whitby, here is a nice take on why the old school mentality does not mesh well with the 21st century student. Listen to what Greg is saying in the video about WHY students are the way they are. Hear the urgency with which he shares. Then, consider the fact that this video is just about to hit its third birthday (9/29/07).

One thought on “The DNA of 21st Century Students

  1. The DNA construct seems a good model except that we need change faster than that construct would provide. Social systems, as a rule, change very slowly and rarely from within. I see no top down forces that will build the environment predicted in the video. What will be deconstructed is the current brick and mortar environment. I believe the current educational system will fail due to brain drain as the best teachers and students find new ways to work and learn together.

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