Well said, Dean.

Those of you in White Oak might recall Dean Shareski as our keynote speaker from a few summers ago. He left us with an indelible footprint that has changed many teaching careers and student lives.

Once again, Dean tells it like it is. He does an awesome job of summarizing the exact feeling of the connectedness we have access to as educators and the eternal benefit of learning from great minds like his. Below is his keynote for the K12 Online Conference going on right now. If you didn’t know about it, check it out. No worries if you missed something. They archive it all for you to go back to time and again.

So, thanks, Dean. I look forward to the opportunity to hit the links, grab a bite, share a mansion, and be a part of great conversations with you again soon.

6 thoughts on “Well said, Dean.

  1. Dean, you are an incredible inspiration to many folks around the world. Your great personality helps ease folks into the change they need to be considering. Thanks for all you do and for being a great friend.

    Nina, you know Dean. He is going to let slip a good idea into everything he does. Maybe he will find his way back to Texas again. Soon. The good thing about borrowing a Canadian’s ideas is that the vast majority of folks in White Oak will believe it is your original. 😉

  2. The line that sticks with me is that we are”not only to teach the students in the building but beyond”. WOW what a mission statement! And yes what an obligation! Thank you for making and SHARING this video.

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