Hook Stations and Inquiry Learning

So, you’re thinking about ways to move your class to a more project based or inquiry based learning setting. This teacher has a pretty cool idea that will allow you to do just that without tons of work. It becomes extremely engaging for the students because they are having to generate their own learning. Nothing is being spoon fed to them in this activity. I can see myself using this to introduce concepts to students in pretty much any subject area.

7 thoughts on “Hook Stations and Inquiry Learning

  1. Our students should be familiar with the term “hooks” as hooks are regularly referred to in writing. What a great idea to apply this to other areas of curriculum….Back to the anticipatory set. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  2. I can certainly see the benefit of engaging the learner and creating interest in the subject using hook stations. Now you have me thinking of ways to incorporate this with my students!

  3. Thank you both for commenting. There is no doubt that little tips like these can help us engage kids more in the learning process. Might even help show the connection from the Marzano training and actual implementation. Every subject can use this if they just put a little planning into it. The cool thing is that they do not have to recreate it the next year if it goes well for them. And, for a little technology spin on it, the kids could use mobile devices and fill out a Google Form as they go from station to station.

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