The students are not waiting on us…

nor should they. The Speak Up Survey brings out a pretty clear view of where many think schools are failing in preparing our students for the 21st Century world they currently live in.

It’s no surprise, but it’s encouraging if true: America’s students are not waiting for the rest of us to “catch up to their vision for 21st-century learning,” reports Project Tomorrow, which conducts the annual Speak Up survey, having surveyed 294,399 K-12 students, 42,267 parents, 37,720 teachers and librarians, and 4,969 school administrators and technology leaders in 6,541 public and private school districts this time around. As they should be, “students are already very effectively implementing [their] vision of socially based, untethered, and digitally rich learning on their own, in and out of school, with or without the assistance and support of their teachers or schools,” Project Tomorrow reports.

So we all now know that today’s kids know how to learn without us. What are we going to do about it? 

Hint: leverage their learning and interests

Bonus Hint: My friend Gary Stager reminds us, “Less us, more them.”

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