Science teachers. Get invited to Australia by your students for free!

Well, there is a little work involved.  I would think it would be worth a try, though.  Besides, students are going to learn tons just thinking through the process.  It is being sponsored by National Geographic and combines literacy skills, photography, and a lot of thinking about their environment. Take a look:

Write an original personal essay in English, that is no more than 300 words telling us how you actively explore your world and the most interesting things you have found in it (“Essay”). Then take a photograph of what, where, or how you explore the subject of your essay (the “Photograph”). You must be the photographer. The Essay and the Photograph must each be a single work of original material created by the contest entrant. By entering the Contest, entrant represents, acknowledges and warrants that the submitted Essay and Photograph are original works created solely by the entrant and that no other party has any right, title, claim or interest in the Essay or the Photograph.

For the rest of the guidelines and information, check out their site here.  If you are in my district and need help with the technology side of this, you know how to get hold of me.  I am more than happy to help out. 

Thanks to Vicki Davis for the link via her account.

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Podcasts anyone?

I recently came across several really neat podcasts that you might be interested in:

60-Second Science – from Scientific American comes the latest science news each weekday

Learn Spanish Survival Guide – self-explanatory

Travel with Rick Steves – 30 years of globetrotting for PBS has helped create this content

Language Arts
Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing – one of the top podcasts regularly, great for everyone not just ELA teachers

To take advantage of these podcasts, do the following:
1. Open iTunes
2. Go to the iTunes Store (menu on the left side of screen)
3. Click on Podcasts in menu of iTunes Store
4. Click on Power Search in the right hand side of screen
5. Copy and paste the titles that are in bold print above into the Description box on the power search screen
6. Click the name of the podcast, and then click subscribe
7. If all else fails, call me to come help you out 😉

If you find any great podcasts you want to share here, email them to me or leave the information about them in the comment field and I will make a post about it.

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Anyone covering the wildfires in California in class? So is Google Maps.

If you are discussing the events of the California wildfires with your students, you need to integrate Google Maps into your lessons/conversations. Check out what folks are doing with this online tool and others to aid citizens and emergency staff here.

Take a look at the citizen pictures on Flickr.  Amazing!

Now that is harnessing the power of the Read/Write web!

Image by Google.

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Free. Quality. Self-selected. Your pace. Your place.

What else can I say about the technology sessions offered in the k12online conference? Check out the poster below, and then check out the site. This is your chance to learn new technologies and the pedagogy behind them without having a class full of people sitting around you. No pressure to move on until you are ready. Yet, there is a ton of free support offered in this as well, so you are not left stranded. The conference is one I highly recommend.

Oh, did I mention it is free?

If you need help getting an RSS feed reader set-up so you can follow the conference happenings easier, let me know. I am always more than happy to help out.


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Oh My Gosh!!! This site is awesome!

Now, we all know there are several great resources out there, but this one is SOOOOOO valuable to upper grade educators.

Hippo Campus has videos, both instructional and informational. These things ROCK! I realize you may not be as excited about it as I am, but cool, free, awesome resources are so needed with our curriculum these days. Kids can access these from the house for help with homework. They can use them to enrich current lessons or presentations. You can use them to give a twist to your lessons while letting the students know they are out there for reference. Your students will love it.

You are in luck if you teach one of these courses:

  • US History (AP and regular)
  • Algebra (Elementary, IA, and IB)
  • American Government (AP and Regular)
  • AP Biology
  • Calculus (AP I & II, General, and Intro)
  • Environmental Science (AP and Regular)
  • Physics (AP B & C, College Prep, General, and Intro)
  • Religion

Please check this site out. My post cannot do it enough justice for the value of the content found here. (Or am I just too PBS or something?)

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