Explode that sentence!

One of my favorite literacy lessons with kids is exploding their writing. I tell them that if they want it to pop with the reader, they have to explode it. Telescopic Text is a great example of that. This one little website does a nice job of turning a three word sentence into a story worth hearing. It is a wonderful visual for the kids to see up on the projector. Keep clicking on the grayed out words to see just how far you can blow that baby up.

Consider letting them start this in a Google Doc or a wiki and watch it grow.

3 thoughts on “Explode that sentence!

  1. How to make your own page like that? If you know html, it would be pretty easy (but time consuming). If you know Flash, it would be about the same time-wise as html, but it would look nicer.

    If you mean make it where kids could do it themselves, I would try Keynote or PowerPoint. You can make words hyperlinks in there and have them jump from slide to slide. It would be an organizational challenge for them to say the least, but that is part of a good presentation.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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