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Last year I had the honor of attending Gary Stager’s conference Constructing Modern Knowledge. It was time very well spent. If you have the time and resources to make it to his event this summer, you will not regret it. He and his presenters will make you think, discuss, experiment, and collaborate like never before. If we are lucky, NECC will invite Dr. Stager to be a part of the debate at NECC, and you will be able to get a preview of what you have ahead of you.  Here is what you need to know:

Dear Constructing Modern Knowledge Pioneer,

I hope you are well!
are less than 2 months away from the 2nd Annual Constructing Modern
Knowledge institute and this year’s event promises to be even more
amazing than the fantastic time we spent together last summer. Folks
are registering for CMK09 and I want to make sure that as many
educators as possible know about the event. The talent assembled for
this year’s faculty humbles me. Where else can you collaborate,
experiment, think, tinker AND spend time with the likes of:
Deborah Meier –
a Macarthur Genius honored for her decades of service and innovation in
urban public education. Ms. Meier is the “mother” of the small schools
movement and her Central Park East in NYC and Mission Hill in Boston
provide stunning examples of creative, compassionate, competent public

Herbert Kohl – a
National Book Award winner and author of more than 40 books on
teaching, learning and parenting. Herb Kohl is one of the most
important educators of the past 50 years.
Brian Silverman 
a gifted recreational mathematician, scientist, bricoleur and raconteur
who has his DNA on nearly every version of Logo created over the past
30 years. Brian played instrumental roles in the creation of
MicroWorlds, LEGO TC logo, Scratch, Turtle Art, the Phantom Fishtank
and is now the president of the Playful Invention Company, creators of
the Pico Cricket. Brian even built a working tic-tac-toe playing
computer made entirely of TinkerToys.
Peter Reynolds 
the award-winning author, illustrator, animator, software developer and
inspirer will host a CMK Reception at his famed FableVision Studios at
the start of Wednesday night’s Night Out in the Big City (Boston)
That’s right, the Boston trip will begin with a rare reception at
FableVision Studios, high atop the Boston Children’s Museum.
Complete biographies of each speaker and the rest of the faculty may be found at
addition to other surprises I’m working on, each participant will again
receive a collection of open-ended tool software for their personal use.

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