What is Web 2.0’s role in the classroom?

Wow. This was one of the best sessions I have attended at NECC this year. Not because there was any new solution to any problem. Not because there was actually a debate of an issue with opposing sides (there was). Not because I got to see and hear a lot of great minds all in one place (I did). I say it was the best session because it was a nice extension of the conversation we all need to have, but it was broader. We heard voices of those fearing their presence of even being in the room due to not grasping much of the concepts and terms being thrown around, yet they stepped up and voiced that opinion. We heard from those who truly wanted a line drawn between “tools” and “technology integration” from a pedagogical view. Contextual use instead of forcing a tool because it is the cool one to be using now.  That is just the beginning of the hour we had.

So here is where I am at. Pick through the content from this session and you can find dozens of strands of discussion to choose from to start your own conversation. Find the others talking about it in the backchannel and search them out on blogs or Twitter and continue it with them. They are in this conversation because they care and want to better education for our kids. They WANT to keep up the conversation. I do not know of one person in my experience of ed tech that will shut you down and not converse with you because you are new or on a different path than they are. Most want to learn from others who have different perspectives and experiences. It is what I stay in it for. Link your blog post back to here (since the trackback will show me where you are talking/writing at) and I will join in. I look forward to it.

Linked here is the backchannel of the session. Here are Wes Fryer’s notes on the session as well.  If I find the video or audio files linked somewhere I will link to those as well.

Talk on!

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